About us

The M.A.T is the first Academy in Italy that combines professional and practical approaches with a view to provide entrepreneurs, professionals and companies with concrete tools for the full understanding and use of the trust; nowadays a legal instrument fully acknowledged and applied by Italian law and becoming an integral part of the daily life of individuals and legal entities.
Such instrument is based on the trust relationship between the Settlor and a Trustee whereby the Settlor transfers inter vivos or mortis causa certain assets or rights to the Trustee, who administers them by exercising rights and powers as a genuine owner for a certain period of time and for the achievement in the sole interests of the beneficiary or for a specific purpose. The main effect of this is the isolation of the assets for their management during a certain period of time, turning them in a separate and unassailable estate in favor of the beneficiaries or for its specific purpose.

The Academy was founded by Mr. Salvatore di Salvatore LLML (Lawyer) and also thanks to the contribution and collaboration of the Notary Mr. Enrico Lainati. The director of the Academy is Ms. Natalia Chernova who has a degree in Communication Sciences, the manager and organizer of classes as well as the online activities.

DSC_1712_smallFor more than twenty years, Mr. Salvatore di Salvatore has been focusing on the study of professional topics concerning international law by advising companies and individuals with specific emphasis on trust matters. He has cooperated with the King’s College as well as with the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies of London as to the Italian developments on Trust and published on the matter various professional articles in international law journals such as “Trusts & Trustees”. Inter alia, he has been often a speaker at domestic and international conferences and seminars on trust law matters, including the Business School of the financial newspaper “Il Sole 24 ORE” and the Training Company for entrepreneurs and companies founded by Mr. Alfio Bardolla, with whom he currently cooperates.

Funding partner of the Milan Academy of Trust and of the Law Firm DDR Trust since the year 2004 he has established the Milan office of the international professional network ACCOMPLY Legal & Tax Counsel that offers highly specialized and innovative legal and tax services to individuals and companies operating worldwide providing clients the benefits of a medium size law firm highly specialized ensuring at the same time the experience of a big international law firm and network. All of this thanks to its own international offices and network of relationships with other professionals that ensure the perfect combination of competent knowledge and different experiences. The results for its clients is the supply of dedicated and sophisticated legal and tax services with unparalleled attention to identify effective legal solutions at a cost-effective price, as follows:
Legal Entities & Private Clients: Trusts domestic, international family and corporate, Corporate & Commercial Law, Banking & Finance, Compliance & Corporate Governance, EU & Competition, Employment Law, Agency & Distribution, Joint Ventures, Mergers & Acquisitions, Reorganizations, Due Diligences & Business Due Diligence, Accounting & Management Control-Consultancy Service Tax, Customs Law, duties and Excise, Institutes Charitable & Non-Profit, Private Equity & Investments, family Law and Succession, Trust & properties;
Business & Real Estate Properties: Lease, Structuring, Acquisition, Planning and Construction of Real Estate Property, Telecommunications and Telephone Market, Energy and Environmental Law, Food, Beverage & Tobacco, Banking & Insurance, Machines & Mechanical;
Intellectual Property: Copyright, Trademarks, Patents & Models, Media TV & Cinema, Entertainment & Games, Sports & Tourism, Advertising & Marketing, New Technology & E-Commerce, Privacy Policy, Health & Biotechnology;
Litigation: Litigation Corporate, Trust, no profit institutions, shareholders, directors and managers, Litigation of Brands, Models, Patents and Infringement of Copyright and Privacy, Antitrust & Unfair Competition Cases, Civil Procedural Law, Commercial and Labor , Real Estate Litigation, Debt Collection and Bankruptcy Law, Mediation, Arbitration and forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution

unnamedMr. Enrico Lainati was born on February 23, 1940. He has been working as a notary in the districts of Milan, Busto Arsizio, Lodi, Monza and Varese since November 23, 1970.
During his forty years career, he worked on all the major types of public deeds and documents pertaining to real estate, corporate and private matters. In particular, Mr. Lainati has been involved in the management of company establishments, mergers, refinancing and shares purchases for European and International major business groups. In 2011 he founded the Lainati – de Vivo Notary Firm. Furthermore, Mr. Lainati has an excellent knowledge of English, written and spoken.

Mr. Ciro de Vivo was born in Naples on December 2, 1972. He has been registered in the district notary of Milan since July 10, 2001. In 2001 he founded the Notary of Vivo. Next to the profession of notary he also supports some teachings and training: In 2002-2009 he taught at the School of Notaries of Lombardy, in 2004 and 2005 he taught to “Just Legal Service”, School of Education Office of Milan. And in 2010 he started teaching at the Master in the Domestic and International Banking Law, organized by Ipsoa.

In 2011 he founded the Notary’s Office Associate Lainati – de Vivo, expert in corporate law. He has been a speaker at conferences on the subject organized by institutions and universities. He is the author of several legal publications. The notary de Vivo has an excellent knowledge of English, written and spoken.
unnamed (1)The notary’s office associated Enrico Lainati – Ciro de Vivo was set up in 2011 with the aim to constitute together the different experiences gained over the years by the owners to deal with the different needs of the customers with great professionalism.
With the help of the staff of motivated employees, the notary’s office associated Enrico Lainati – Ciro de Vivo is able to deal with a whole range of services from the successions to property (homes, offices, land, warehouses, and essential goods for individuals and entrepreneurs) to the most important corporate transactions.